The 58-93R was designed as an improvement to a Foster 58.  The 58-93R was improved by the addition of a one piece case and improved torque capibilities.  The two tongs share many of the same parts. The Foster 58-93R has been copied by many manufacturers through the years causing much confusion through the years as each compay decided to give thier tong its own designation and part numbers. In an effort to reduce identification and part number confusion we use as many of the original Foster part #'s as possible.  Please click on the thumbnails below the picture of the tong to view exploded diagrams of the parts.  Click on the picture of the tong to customize and price a complete 58-93R.

Foster 58-93r

Light Drill Pipe, Casing, Tubing

Jaw Sizes Available: 1 5/16" to 7" O.D. 300 to 6000 Ft. Lbs Torque

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