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Crown Safety Package Itemized Parts List:

 1x SC1000 Toggle Valve (#2)
 1x SC1016 Extension Arm (#3)
 1x SC1018 Track (#1)
 1x SC1019 Relay Valve (#9)
 1x SC1020B Versa Reset Valve #(10) 
 1x SC1021 Sized Clutch (#4, #5, #8)
 1x SC1022 Mounting Bracket (#7)
 1x SC1023 Air Cylinder(#6)
 1x SC1023A Clevis
 1x SC1024 75' of Hose
 1x SC90004 Reset Tag
 2x SC90006 1/4" standard Tee
 2x SC90007 1/"2 Standard Tee
 1x SC1015 1/2" Hex nut
 6x SC90009 1/2"M to 1/4"F Bushing
 1x SC90010 1/4" Nipple
 1x SC90011 1/2" Nipple
 10x SC1027 Hose ends
 8x SC1025 Straight Adaptors*****(See Note)
 4x SC1026 Ell 1/4 x #6

*****8x SC1030 Hose Ends*****

*****(Note: SC 1030 Fittings will fit only on National Rigs Only and will not be included unless specially requested)*****

The Automatic Crown Saftey Device (Crownomatic, Crown-o-matic safety device) is a safety aid installed on a drawworks drum to control the distance a traveling block may be pulled up into a derrick thus eliminating the possibility of pulling the traveling block into the crown. A toggle valve is mounted in a track (to allow adjustment) above the drawworks drum and toggle valve is actuated by extra line being wrapped on the drum.  When the toggle valve is actuated the drum clutch on the drawworks is engaged and the mechanical brake is locked down by use of an air cylinder.

    Installation of this device is very simple and may be installed on any existing drawworks. Installation may be made in the field with minimum downtime.  Each unit comes complete with all necessary parts for installation, including hose and adapters.  All that is needed is a welder. 

    The safety control system includes a stainless steel toggle valve with a stainless steel inter-liner in the air cylinder which helps eliminates corrosion from the H2 S gas and other corrosives. 

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